Monday, September 13, 2010

Ask Them to Stay

Managers, this one's for you:

If an employee gives you his resignation notice and you don't want him to leave, ask him to stay. Ask him what you could do to get him to stay. He may not be 100 percent set on leaving.

Judging from numerous conversations I've had with colleagues, I think a lot of people leave a job not because they hate it but because they're bored, feel under-utilized or just want a change. If you think they're a valuable member of the team and not worth losing, maybe you can offer them that change or new challenge that they need.

All it might take to get an employee to stay might be to put him in charge of a new section, have him edit different types of stories or let him get more involved in web editorial. Maybe a small raise or title change (if merited), or a few extra vacation days will do it.

It takes money and energy to hire and train new employees, so why not put some energy into fighting to keep the ones you have?

Likewise, employees: Consider having a conversation with your boss about what would make you happier in your job before you decide to jump ship.