Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bonnie fuller out at AMI: is the tabloid queen too overtly ambitious?

With news of Bonnie Fuller's departure from American Media Inc., speculation is in full swing as to whether she jumped ship or was booted out. Much vilified, Fuller is often depicted as being overly ambitious. She's "known for getting itchy feet," and switches jobs quite often compared to many others at the top of the industry. She's been at AMI for five years though, and in my books, that constitutes a decent run. If a great opportunity comes along or if someone feels as if they've done all they can and learned all they could, that they can't grow any further where they are, why do we begrudge their choice to move on?


Kat said...

Well, let's turn this into a gender issue. Women who want to move on/up are called "overambitious" and "disloyal". Men? Not so much, I think. They can be just ambitious, without the over prefix.

Corinna vanGerwen said...

I agree, Kat. Unfortunately, it tends to be the case that high-profile female editors tend to be negatively portrayed (Fuller, Anna Wintour, Tina Brown), while males for the most part escape personal attacks (Graydon Carter, Tyler Brûlé, Chris Anderson).