Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what you can learn from steve jobs

Even if you're not a Mac person (what's wrong with you?), there's a lot you can learn from watching Apple founder Steve Jobs make a keynote address (as he did yesterday when he announced the new lineup of iPods). Whether you're making a formal presentation or just pitching a story idea in a planning meeting, how you showcase your ideas can make the difference in how you and your suggestions are received.
• Pace yourself. Give your audience time to take in your message. Don't speak too quickly and pause often.

• Show visuals. In the case of presenting a story idea, draw a quick sketch or bring in clippings of similar articles.

• Use hyperbole and be truly excited. Tell people how "great, wonderful and truly awesome" your idea is. You won't sell an idea if it doesn't look like you think it's a good idea.

For more, read this 2006 article from Business Week.

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