Friday, October 03, 2008

overheard at: ed2010 toronto happy hour


As I promised yesterday, here's a snapshot of what people were talking about at the Ed2010 Toronto Happy Hour event Wednesday night:

Ann Brown (Ed2010 Toronto's special events manager) was talking with the girls at Redwood about the differences between custom and trade publishing.

One member asked me (Ed2010's Canadian director), "How aggressive should you be when you're hunting for a job?" I talked with her about the delicate art of being able to read people. Be as aggressive as you can be without annoying or pissing people off, and watch for that subtle push-back when they're starting to get enough of you.

Briony Smith (Ed2010 Toronto assistant chapter host) and I talked with a group of attendees about bad interns and bad internships.

Briony also spoke with several people about keeping busy and building your portfolio while on the job hunt. Her suggestion: When starting out, the world of online is a great place to fill in those gaps on your resume or in your portfolio. There's plenty of websites that need writers and editors, and will offer you a lot of freedom to "custom-make" clips that you might need (whether it's covering fashion shows, reviewing video games, blogging about politics, or writing up health news).

And another member who's new to the workforce asked, "How do I transition from an ad sales job (my first industry gig) to an editorial position?" My advice: continue doing freelance work so you keep a hand in the editorial side, apply to every editorial job you're qualified for, and don't stick around too long in the ad sales department.

If you were there, share your stories on the Ed2010 Toronto Facebook group page. And everyone should check out the photos of the event taken by Masthead editor Marco Ursi.

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