Tuesday, March 24, 2009

untapped resources

Do you ever get the sense that you could do so much more, if only your employer would allow you to? You're not the only one. As reported by the Guardian, 40% of surveyed employees in the UK (I'm sure the Canadian figures are comparable) feel that they have more skills than their jobs required.

If you're feeling underutilized, speak out and volunteer for additional projects or talk to your manager about increasing/changing some of your duties. If you're a manager, take the time to ask your employees (perhaps during a review) whether there's anything else they'd like to do, or if they have any interests beyond their daily routines. If a person doesn't feel challenged, he or she may end up looking for greener pastures. It's kind of like that really, really smart kid in school who was bored so skipped class so much and eventually dropped out.

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