Thursday, April 09, 2009

industry leaders on innovation, print and the web

Samir Husni – that's Mr. Magazine to you – has published a series of brief videos in which industry leaders talk about magazines:

Part 1: Eleanor Griffin, editor-in-chief, Southern Living, on the soul of a magazine; Howard Greenberg, design director, Southern Living, on the differences in innovation between print and web.

Part 2: Jim Sexton, senior vice president and editorial director, Southern Progress Corporation Digital Network, on how print and web complement each other.

Part 3: Lindsay Bierman, editor-in-chief, Coastal Living, on innovation in reinvention.

Part 4: Vicki Wellington, publisher, Food Network magazine, on extending the brand.

Part 5: Trisha McMahon, editor-in-chief and senior vice president for communications and public relations, Morris Visitor Publications’ New York division, on the value of print.

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