Tuesday, September 22, 2009

keep the welcomes coming

Starting at a new company can feel a little strange, particularly because all the little daily things you never thought twice about have become a minefield of conundrums. Where is the extra photocopy paper kept? Who takes care of replacing burnt out light bulbs? Is it ok to put personal mail in the out box if you put a stamp on it?

And it's surprising how long after your first day questions like these come up. For example, start a job in the fall and you'd be well ensconced in the company by the time summer hours roll around. No one mentions the office closes early on Fridays and you could find yourself with an unexpected free afternoon the first weekend. Nice, but it would have been nice to know too.

So if someone new joins your team, consider that you may need to show him the ropes long after he's become part of the family.

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Anonymous said...

Or show her the ropes.

Thank you for posting this. I started at a place a while ago, and there were (and still are) little things I ran into that I didn't know about and no one had explained to me, simply because it didn't cross anyone's mind.