Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 little things that will annoy your boss

Regardless of how good you are at your job, there are two tiny things that are going to get on your boss' nerves, potentially leading to a smaller raise than you would like or expect. And if there are other issues with your performance, these aren't going to help you any.

1. lateness

Punctuality is such a minor thing, but many people look at it as an indicator of how seriously you take your job. Tardiness is especially bothersome if others rely on you in order to get their own work done (hello, editorial assistants). A few minutes late here or there isn't likely to be an issue, especially in an industry like publishing, where flex time is common. But even with flex time, coming in at 10:30 is pushing it. And you should always be punctual for meetings. Lateness is often perceived as lack of respect for the job and for your coworkers.

2. personal phone and internet use

A personal phone call here or there is fine. Even checking eBay for the status of your bid isn't a problem. But it is an issue if every time your boss walks by your desk you're doing something other than work. And don't think she doesn't notice you talking in a hushed voice or quickly closing that browser window. If all she sees is you doing your own thing, she's going to wonder if you're getting your work done.

Are there any other faux pas you would add to this list?

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