Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Manage Event Invitations

Here's an idea for all you editors who get invited to so many press events, you feel as if you never spend time in the office: divvy up your invitations between editors.

I've heard of two places that do this: They gather all the event invites the editors have received in the previous week and at a weekly meeting (it could be during your usual update meeting), they divide them between the staff. This ensures no important event is missed, and reduces chances that the entire staff is unnecessarily out of the office.

This time of year, invitations to press events really start to flood in. What do you do to manage your time away from the office so you can still get your work done?

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Misa said...

Hi Corinna,

I just came across your blog and have really enjoyed the past few posts. This is both useful in my current job as an editor, and has great tips for graduating journalism/media students.