Sunday, January 20, 2008

rainy days

If Mark Newman is right – that everyone will be fired at least once in their careers – then I can't help but think that if I've made it this far without getting the ax, then when it happens to me, it's going to be pretty big. He's right though, even if you're great at what you do, that's no guarantee that you won't be let go. Publishing has so many ups and downs, there's no way of knowing if your job – or your magazine – will be around tomorrow. A few ways to be prepared:
• Update your résumé regularly, especially when you've completed a major project (good résumé fodder) or your job description has changed, even if your position hasn't.
• Always be networking. Your contacts are good sources of leads when you're suddenly looking for work.
• Have a buffer in your account. Keep enough money in your bank account to keep you going for at least a month, more if you can.

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