Friday, June 13, 2008

ed2010 toronto résumé workshop: what those who do the hiring had to say

Tuesday night, the Toronto chapter of Ed2010 hosted its first resume workshop, with guests Joe Chidley, editor-in-chief of Canadian Business, Jenny Pruegger, HR consultant at Transcontinental, and Penny Caldwell, editor in chief at Cottage Life. The evening began with a panel discussion moderated by myself, the coordinator of the Ed2010 Toronto chapter, before attendees had a chance to speak on-on-one with their choice of panelist for a personal résumé critique. Here are some pointers from the discussion:
• Don't forget to proofread your résumé! Penny pointed out that though this may seem obvious, some people still don't do it. And in an industry like publishing, proofreading is especially important since it's a part of any editorial job.

• Send in a hard copy of your application package. A coloured folder or nice paper will stand out amid a pile of emails printed out on white bond paper.

• Send your resume to both the HR department and the editor. (You'll be happy to hear, HR departments tend to keep résumés on hand for about a year.)

• Include work experience outside the publishing industry only if it's relevant to the job you're applying to, it indicates a variety of transferable skills or if it fills gaps in your employment history.

• Use a professional email address. No cutesy names like And don't send applications from your current work address – that's just tacky.

• And as important as your résumé is, don't send it out all by itself. Include a cover letter, clips, even a copy of the magazine you currently work for.

Did you attend the workshop on Tuesday? Post a comment to share what you learned.


Anonymous said...

This is all great advice! I missed out, but I hope you do it again. :) B

Iqra said...

Hey Corinna,
I must say that I am late in commenting, but the resume workshop was absolutely awesome! I learned so much and I actually fixed up my resume and cover letter a few days after the workshop. Today, I got a compliment on my package by Marco Ursi, Editor in Chief of Masthead. I was on an interview for an internship. I don't know if I will get it, but cross your fingers...