Monday, June 23, 2008

where are the cover letters and clippings?

A friend of mine is currently going through the process of hiring an editor. Under the presumption that she would be inundated with proper application packages, she's been appalled and bewildered by the lack of cover letters and clippings – most applicants are merely emailing their résumés. Why, she wondered, has no one gone the extra mile? Some of the things you may want to include in the next application package you send in:
• portfolio
• tearsheets/clippings (preferably in colour)
• tearsheets of competitors with commentary on what they're doing right/wrong
• story ideas
• reference letters
• sample of a completed edit
• copy of the magazine or printouts/CD of the website you currently work for
• And I can't believe that people aren't including cover letters!

There's certainly no problem with email applications, but in most cases, if you really want the job, make the effort to put together a nice hard-copy package in a professional binder or folder. Then find out who you should address it to and mail or courier it to them. As my friend said, "If I were to get an awesome package, even if the job experience was a little lacking, I'd be so much more inclined to take a person seriously as a candidate."


Nav said...

What's the best way to submit a "killer application" when having to complete online application forms?

Corinna vanGerwen said...

You know, I've never applied to a job online. I'm a fan of submitting a hard copy because you can control the presentation, but I will email if I have to. This has given me something to think about, though. Watch for future posts about applying online.