Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the life-work balance: unlimited vacation time at techtarget

What a wonderful world it would be if more companies treated their employees like the adults they are. As reported by Matt Kinsman in his blog for Folio:, tech publisher TechTarget allows its staff unlimited sick, personal and vacation days. In a results-based industry like publishing, it makes sense to trust that your employees are going to take off only the amount of time that they feel they can handle while still getting their jobs done. If they've done their work, the issue gets published. I would think that this policy would automatically benefit the most talented, hardest workers even further, as they would be able to take more time off and still produce stellar magazines. It's a far cry from one place I worked, where staff had to keep time sheets and weren't allowed to work from home because it was assumed they were just playing hooky.

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