Monday, January 26, 2009

job hunting? watch your attitude

If you've been looking for work and feel like you've been getting nowhere, you might want to reevaluate your approach. The Guardian has done some research and discovered there are some key differences between "aces" – those who find work within four months of beginning their search – and the rest of us, "chasers". To ensure you're in the first category, the newspaper recommends adopting these seven strategies for finding work more quickly:

1. Think more positively. Your attitude – whether you're optimistic and can visualize yourself in a job, or negative and desperate – will likely come across in your cover letters and interviews. Make sure you're broadcasting the right message.

2. Be more proactive. Research your prospective employer thoroughly and ask questions – it will show you have a genuine interest in the position.

3. Milk your friends and family for contacts. Network, network, network. You don't know when, where or from whom you'll hear about your dream job.

4. Speculate.Look for jobs beyond the employment listings and send applications to companies, even when they aren't advertising positions.

5. Be decisive. Know who you want to work for.

6. Do more. It comes down to odds: apply for more jobs and you have a higher chance of finding work.

7. Embrace the digital age. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and blogs to research prospects and to advertise your goals and talents.

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Edit This said...

I was weary of LinkedIN when I first joined but it really is a great resource.