Friday, January 09, 2009

strategies for holding on to your job

The most recent ezine of The Creative Group features two articles on what you can do to remain a valuable employee.

are you sabotaging your career?
Though not every question is relevant, this quiz will help you figure out if your reaction to certain work situations is keeping you from getting ahead. Can you do a better job of preparing for your performance review, do you recognize and seize opportunities, how do you handle hostile coworkers?

how to manage an increased workload
Magazines have been doing more with less long before the economy hit the skids. To stay sane when your boss piles on more work, try some of these strategies, like learn more details about the project, prioritize and ask for help.

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Edit This said...

I just got a great new job and I'm scared to death of losing it so I'm trying to contribute in as many areas as I can.